Webshops for Your Community

Scred includes a built-in webshop, which all groups can use to sell merchandise, tickets to events, collect membership fees, raise funds and more!

Display Products

Show merchandise and products in your own webshop for others to purchase and ready for you to process and ship.

Collect Revenue

Scred's accounting engine will track all sales from the shop automatically, as well as other activities. Payments are managed by PayPal.

Manage Inventory

Scred will automatically track the number of unsold items you have left, and their value, as you sell them.

Read Reports

As Scred integrates payments and sales with a comprehensive accounting engine, we can generate meaningful reports about your community's finances more easily than any other service out there.

Scred is free to set up and use. For payments we take a 1.5% transaction fee. PayPal may add their own charges.

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Social Money

Scred helps hobby groups, associations, bands, event organisers and communities to manage their money. It's almost like a smart bank, but one which can track the meaning and context of the money, as well as the figures and payments.

Best of all, with Scred you do not need an accountant!