Banking 2.0

Scred is a Finnish company building tools and services to help groups and communities manage their money, wherever they are. It is like having a super smart bank, just for your community.

Integrated Services

Groups have access to not only payments, but also a number of services:

  • Register, track and pay expense claims
  • Collect registrations and fees
  • Send invoices, receive payments
  • Integrated webshop
  • Payouts to group members

Automated Accounting

All activities are recorded and reports generated autmatically. No actual knowledge of accounting is needed. We add meaning to money.

It's The People

With Scred it's not just one person ending up with a bunch of receipts and left to figure out everything. Members of the groups participate together.

  • Bands, indie film crews, code crews
  • Student associations, hobby groups
  • Travel buddies, flatmates

Payments and Fees

Payments are managed by the new PayPal X APIs. We charge 1.5% for all payments managed and created within a Scred Group.

The Gurus

Scred's team consists of multi-talented individuals. Stubborn, opinionated, smart, never running away from a debate, but most of all good humoured and with multi-year experience in entrepreneurship. These gurus don't meditate.

Tuomas Toivonen, CEO
Expert in network technologies and doesn't mind dabbling in the intricacies of finance. Loves getting cold by surfing in Finnish waters. Dreams of llamas and a farm in Bolivia.
Kristoffer Lawson, Head of Product
Knows his way around distributed architectures and script-driven application design. Founder and main visionary for one of the most recognised computer parties in the world, the Alternative Party (now 10 years old).
Teemu Hukkanen, Technology Platforms
Convinced us all that we should move to Python and Django and hacks out pages on them at a rapid pace. Teemu is also a recognised Debian developer. As you can see, he is notoriously difficult to capture on a CCD.


"Top 100 initiatives of 2010"

"Nominated: Best bootstrapped startup, 2009"

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Scred was incorporated in May 2008.